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Saving the Once Discarded

It's been a while since I posted to this page so here goes. It's been over three decades but finally got my storage locker cleaned out. Tossed a bunch, sold more and keeping some things. Among the keepers is another box of negatives from my early concert shoots. Most, like the early batches have not fared well with the moisture and lack of climate control, but after all, these were rejects and not especially worthy of keeping. They did however wind up in storage instead of the trash.

Here we are heading into April 2020, sitting at home. My former assistant is similarly unemployed for the foreseeable future so she has begun scanning some of the images that I retrieved. She put a strip into a proof sheet format so you can see all the images in one view.

This one is from an Aerosmith performance back in 1974 or 1975, probably at the Chicago Ampitheatre. They had three Chicago performances those years, and I do not have the notes pertaining to this set. Enjoy!

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